MMA Teachers Facilitate Orientation Days

by Sitti Ainah Arip

July 6-9, 2016 became more informative for MMA students as the faculty and staff detailed, described, and discussed the whole entity of being an excellent MMA student during the Orientation days to every homeroom.

They visit rooms simultaneously and elaborate one topic from the Student Handbook at a time: from the history, 13 standard codes, library rules, cafeteria rules,  dormitory rules, academic and extra-academic curriculum, awards and honor listing, and behavior code.

“Being aware of the school policies makes me more careful and conscious to abide them. I’m sure it is also a way to provide a better environment.” commented Chriscent Louis June Pingol, a seventh-grader.



11 TP Members Trap Inside Elevator

dddAbove is the picture of the stranded TP members: (From leftmost to rightmost) Hemuel dela Cruz, Ian Asis, Aldynne Ponsica, Ar-el Sabino, Jilliana Luminarias, Chayanne Estoque, Marc Borja, Karyl Ibale, Mark Lagunday, Don Gonzales, and Charmie Osorio

By: Duke Harvey Tenchavez

August 13, 2016, 11 Teens Praise members got stuck on the elevator of Adventist Medical Center’s new building after visiting several patients including Mr. and Mrs. Jesreel Mercader’s daughter, Mhey-Mhey Mercader.

After singing songs to 4 rooms at the new building, Ma’am Nickens Vicera, mother of one of the 22 TP members, prodded the TP members to sing more songs to the patients in the old building.

The members consented and proceeded down stairs. 11 members used the stairs while the other 11 members used the elevator.

But the elevator stopped between the second and third floor leaving some members trapped inside for more than 30 minutes.

When the breakdown was detected, a maintenance crew was called to inspect the malfunctioning elevator. He explained that the breakdown was caused by an exceeded load, however, the overload non-start did not signal any overload conditions when the members got in the elevator. This remains a mystery to the TP members.

After minutes of waiting and praying, the trapped members finally got out of the four-cornered steel room.

“We felt relieved after we got out of the elevator. We praised God for it.” Charmie Lei Osorio remarked, one of the stranded TP members.

After the incident, the TP members huddled together to say a thanksgiving prayer and continued serving God through the singing ministry despite the incident